2017-2019 tune descriptions:

    “R” designation = the turbo wastegate crack pressure must be adjusted for higher boost (see our video on how to do this here) This allows customers to change between tunes without having to adjust the wastegate if desired.  Non “R” tunes do not require any wastegate modification.

    2017 & 2019 (Including Turbo S) horsepower increases:

    • Stage 1 14 whp gain 16 lbs boost (190 engine hp) – 91 Octane – tuned for a stock exhaust
    • Stage 2 20 whp gain 17 lbs boost (193 engine hp) – 91 Octane – tuned for aftermarket exhaust
    • Stage 3R 26 whp gain 18 lbs boost (198 engine hp) – 93 Octane – tuned for aftermarket exhaust
    • Stage 4R 31 whp gain 19.5 lbs boost (204 engine hp) – 95 Octane – tuned for aftermarket exhaust

    All programs have the following features:

    • Massive wheel horsepower gains
    • Rev limiters raised by 500 RPMS both high and low gears – custom rev limits upon request
    • Speed limiters raised: High gear-15 MPH
    • Low gear-10 MPH
    • Reverse-9 MPH
    • No piggyback fuel controllers to mess with
    • Dramatically lowered coolant temperatures by manipulating the fan on/off temperatures (EVP was the first company to do this)

    See dyno runs of the EVO Tuned Polaris RZR XP in action!

    NOTE: 2019 California models are different from 2019 49 State.  The fuel system is completely different and require different tuning.  Some vehicles sold in states bordering California are  California compliant vehicles with these same changes.  Before ordering tuning, you will need to determine whether your vehicle is a California version or not.  California vehicles have an extra control module on the floor below where the ecu is mounted.  (see picture below)
     photo california_fuel_module_zpstueeuudr.jpg
    Also, there is no return fuel line from the fuel rail on these models. 

    This product requires the customer to ship their ECU to our Somerset WI location for programming or visit one of our flashing dealers. If you want the ability to flash your own ECU, change tunes, return to stock, datalog, etc