If you are like many and suffer from a failed radius rod you know how bad it can be for that big ride. We have a solution to solve all of that for you.

We produce a quality solid Billet aluminum radius rod to replace the weak factory pieces.

Our rods are machined from a solid piece of 1.25 Billet hex aluminum. That's right one and a quarter inch of solid Billet aluminum. These rods are larger than majority of similar products on the market, and sure to stand up to the abuse. Our radius rods are then hard coat anodized then they receive all 304 stainless jamb nuts for anti corrosion and heavy duty 5/8 chromoly JMX heims. We also machine our own misalignment spacers from a solid bar stock of 304 stainless, giving you the highest quality fit and finish possible.

 Product benefits are:
1.25 Solid Billet Aluminum Material
Hard Coat Anodize
Stainless Hardware
5/8" Chromoly Heims
Stainless Misalignments Spacers
Sold as a set of six (6)
Machined after anodize to put the final touches on an already quality piece.

We offer only FK brand heims with all of our products for a superior fit, and long lasting product every time. However, we offer two series of heim joints from FK precisoin rod end line. 

  • KMX-For a high quality rod end on a budget. These are a very strong and dependable rod end, however they will tend to be a little noisy as they wear due to the injected nylon race.

  • JMX- For the best of the best rod end on the market that also inlcudes a PTFE liner. These are top of the line rod ends with a trated allow steel body, and a full hardcoat treated ball. We only supply these with a PTFE liner for longevity and do not supply to metal on metal joint.