Beef up the front end of your machine with this add on to our shock tower brace for the ultimate protection.

    Adding the gusset plate  is a necessary solution in many cases. The gusset plate helps to make X3  more rigid by reducing deflection in the front end of the machine.

    When using the X3 to its potential there is a very high risk of causing extra deflection in the front end letting the upper shock mount area and the lower frame where the control arms connect move undesirably from the shock load. Tie your frame together with this gusset and our upper shock tower brace making it best way to protect that precious radiator fan from permanent and expensive damage.

    You must use this with either our limit strap system or with our aluminum shock tower brace to be effective. This guisset plate will not attach to your factory pieces.

    Made from 3/16 mild sheet steel, tig welded and includes a grommet for hoses to pass through without damage.