CT Raceworx bomb proof gusset kit w/powdercoat

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The X3 bombproof gusset kit is a must for hard drivers or people that want to keep their machine straight and true. It adds rigidity and strength to the front of the machine and is going to be a must for people wanting to add a winch to the front of their machine.

We started our kit with a higher grade steel than most use, grade 50 over the common A36. Grade 50 has a higher yield and tensile strength than A36 plate, combined with a lower weight making it a stronger and better option for our gussets. While A36 material isn't a terrible option its also not our first but what others tend to use due to cost. It tends to stretch and when you're trying to use this material as a gusset it's less than ideal. You won't find many places advertising their material choices and why.

Our kit consists of 4 individual pieces plus hardware, 5 pieces with hardware if the Race Plate is ordered.  The race plate is an add option.  This is a plate that bolts in place of the studs for the front lower a arms using form threaded 4130 chromoly weld nuts that we make in house. Hardware is supplied and this allows for very easy service and removal of a arms in the future.  This is a $30 add on.

We've created a plate system that ties the front mounting points along with the upper rear mount together in full via 3 different welded assemblies. The front of the X3 is what we call a floating front end. The front of the chassis ahead of the front a arms attaches via the front arms and is only supported by the radiator. If you were to pull on that that portion of the frame you're pulling on the front suspension bolts only, its a risky move. Our front welded assembly keeps that front section from twisting and also from pulling solely on the a arm bolts. This is the same void in the frame where the front of the a arms pivot. The front of the frame no longer floats at this point and is tied into firmly with the rest of the chassis. Above the diff we have 2 different pieces of metal that tie the rear upper pivot point to both front a arm points. This not only strengthens the frame from the bolts trying to pull out but it greatly reduces the chance of the frame twisting.  During pulling forces this can also uses transfers energy to the rear upper a arm mounting plate to help spread the load and increase strength.  The single plate over the diff that ties the upper mounting points together will keep the rear upper arm pivot of the chassis from twisting under hard impacts.  The final plate piece is additional reinforcement to to the rear lower mounting points of the suspension and finishes the gusset kit.

Standard install time is roughly 5 hours and a mechanical background or general handy work is advised. The majority of the front suspension needs to be removed.  The diff does NOT need to be removed unless some of the factory hardware needs to be replaced.  Detailed instructions with pictures are included.

Key Points:

-Front Diff does not need to be removed for installation

-Full Tie in of mounting points creating the most complete and strongest gusset kit on the market

-Grade 10.9 Metric Hardware

-"Race Plate" can be added as a replacement to the front lower studs and acts as weld nuts to very easily installation and service down the road

-Easier installation than our previous gusset kits

-Works with standard, smartlock and full billet front diffs