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  • DWT racing Valkyrie wheel, Machined face or Matte Black


    DWT Racing is proud to announce the New VALKYRIE to our wheel lineup. The All New VALKYRIE is the latest addition to our line of high performance, high style and high quality cast aluminum SXS/UTV wheels. It is a winning addition to our extensive lineup of 14″ wheels including the Rok-Out, Ultimate, Ultimate Sport, Rok’n-Lok, the Sector series and Star Fighter.  Our new Valkyrie wheels are sure to give your ride that killer new look that no one else has.

    With options in matte black or machined finish, we wanted to give our customers an affordable wheel while maintaining the quality that DWT is known for.  Clocking in at 12.7lbs, the Valkyrie is one of the lightest wheels on the market and delivers the performance and durability that our customers demand.   Ride with DWT – unmatched in both style and performance.  Get yours Today!

    valkyrie black 360



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    14X74+34/110NON BEADLOCK MACHINED983-17
    14X74+34/110NON BEADLOCKMATTE BLACK983-17B
    14X74+34/115NON BEADLOCK MACHINED983-27
    14X74+34/115NON BEADLOCKMATTE BLACK983-27B
    14X74+34/136.5NON BEADLOCK MACHINED983-37
    14X74+34/136.5NON BEADLOCKMATTE BLACK983-37B
    14X74+34/156NON BEADLOCK MACHINED983-47
    14X74+34/156NON BEADLOCKMATTE BLACK983-47B