The Point 1 is Lowrance's new super accurate antenna that is twice as fast as any previous antenna. Accuracy and speed is the name of the game, and Lowrance has raised the bar once again.

    This version of the Point 1 is a replacement antenna for Global Map units that have a "red" or "black" NMEA 2k connector, and 2 hooked up power leads off the GPS power cable or have NMEA 2k networks pre-established.

    Do you need a Female Ohms terminator? If you have no other cables and wish to connect it to a GlobalMap GPS unit, you will also need a female ohms terminator. If you already have the female terminator and are just replacing the Antenna, select no.

    • 10mHz refresh rate - 2x faster than the LGC-4000!
    • Uses Black or Red connectors - just like LGC 3-4000
    • Electronic internal compass