MAC4 Pumper "Jet Pack" Air Filter



Deep pleats in the double-layered breathable media create a 10-15% increase in filtration surface. This increase allows a greater volume of air to move more freely while maintaining superior filtration. Specially designed filter traps particles as small as 5 microns.

Steel wire mesh encases the cotton filter, providing strength and dent resistance so you can be sure your filter will work under the toughest conditions

Other filters use a simple pressure-molded injection process to bond the perimeter rubber to the interior components. That method saves manufacturing time, but in the process, a considerable amount of rubber can seep onto the filtering surface. While it may not look like much, that spill-over rubber can restrict as much as 25% of the intended air flow.

A four-step production process virtually eliminates rubber seepage and maintains maximum air flow through the filter.

Clamp-on design comes with a replacement hose clamp to secure the filter to the 4.5" MAC4 Pumper intake. Fits only MAC4 series Pumper Systems.

Filter Dimensions: 
Bottom - 4.75"
Top       - 7"
Height  - 4"