• TMW Gen 2 X3 Front Winch Bumper

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    You asked for a bumper that will hold a real winch and the OEM Winch well here it is!! The TMW Gen 2 X3 winch bumper is here! We took our already awesome X3 Winch front bumper and made it even better making it compatible with the Warn Axon 5500 winch  It is the most advanced UTV winch on the market. This Winch has unparalleled strength and all relays and controls built in for a tight, clean, strong package. This new bumper paired with the warn Axon 5500 is the perfect package for those who really use their winches. 

    Bumper comes standard black.
    This will work on RC models. 

    Works in all x3 models 2017-current