• TMW X3 Prerunner Front Bumper

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    TMW is proud to announce our very own Can Am X3 front bumper. This bumper does it all First removes the factory bumper pieces that are a constant issue It also won't flex and destroy your radiator and has a killer look. But not only that it allows for any combo of lights to be mounted and you can run this with or without a TMW Gusset kit. One of our favorite features is the fact that it has integrated tie down mounts making it a breeze to tie down your X3. Minor trimming required.

    Has Quick tie downs mounts 
    Strengthens front end
    Attach any light
    Perfect pair with our Bulk head kit
    Comes Powder coated Semi Gloss Black
    **Works on all years of X3 including 2023 models**
    **Does not come with D-ring tie downs**