• Ultimate Rider RRP660 4-Person System 60-Watt Car-2-Car w/ H22 Headsets


    or power, performance and comfort — you've come to the right place. The RM60 Kit with the RRP660 intercom and H22 Ultimate headsets packs the most features while combining the best components for the ultimate communication system.

    Intercom Features:

    iPhone Connect Port (cable sold separately)
    All new transformer based platform
    2 to 4 place with the ability to expand up to 8 places
    RF Shielded Extruded Housing
    VOX control for clear communications in loud environments
    Music In with auto-muting
    Precision tune mic gain control
    Isolated grounds for eliminating ground loop issues
    High output amplifier for outstanding music listening
    RM-60 Features:

    60-Watt VHF Band Mobile Radio
    20% more power than a 50-watt radio
    20~30 mile range
    VHF frequency
    CTCSS/DCS tone codes
    Hand Mic
    Adjustable power level
    ...and more

    Kit Includes:
    • (1) RRP660 Intercom
    • (2) 12' Intercom Extension Cables
    • (2) 16' Intercom Extension Cables
    • (4) H22 Ultimate Headsets
    • (1) RM-60 60-Watt Radio
    • (1) Dual Band ¼ Wave Antenna with Spring
    • (1) UNI-MAG - Universal NMO Antenna Mount
    • (1) Coil Cord Driver Push-to-Talk Button
    • (1) Straight Cord Co-Driver Push-to-Talk Button