• Sandcraft Destroyer “Slayer” tire sets /Front and rear tires


    The All New Sand tire!!

    Tested and certified by us to be an amazing addition to Sandcrafts other awesome products!

    This tire setup , literally blew our mind when we tested them in Glamis before releasing to public. The front tire works so effortlessly to keep you on track and not drifting or blowing corners every bowl you go around and the Rear tire, well that’s where it all starts getting the power to the ground but the best part of it is the design of the cup and how it not only gets you up on top of the sand but then keeps you there so minimal digging is occurring during turns or cuts across a bowl or down into g out. 

    Let’s get these on your ride with a set of wheels from our collection of brands who have it dialed in for each car with the right offsets and sizes.