GX-WR 34 3/4″ Bluetooth


Off Road LED Plug and Play Rear Light Bar. Integrated brake and running lights, ability to except blinker and hazard signals, flashing amber and blue lights, center white light is constant, which can be used as a cargo or a reverse light. Only available in black casing color. Y-Harness included for UTVs. X-Harness can be used with this chase light to control both functions on this light (see X-Harness for more details).

Product Dimensions: 34 3/4″ L x 3″ W x 1 3/4″ H

Bluetooth Functions

Multiple Modes of operation
Multiple flashing and speed controls
Personalize your device by naming your light bar
Give your light bar a security code to prevent anyone from changing your settings
Light bar integrates with our Turn Signal Kit
Plug-n-Play wiring
Street Mode – Left and Right Turn Signals, Hazard Lights, Cargo Light (available on all modes)
Off-Road Mode – Personally control all sections of each light with over 42,000 different combinations
OEM – This allows the user to run the factory program
Light Bar Off – Turns Off the light bar
Brightness Control – The user has the ability to change the brightness from 25% to 100% brightness
Available App Versions

iOS app works on iOS version 8.3 or higher
Android app works on Android version 19 or higher