• NEW- All turbos are VSR balanced
      • Only top turbo shops in the country have VSR balancing equipment as the machine costs more than $50,000.00. VSR Balancing is absolutely vital to turbocharger longevity at high boost pressures. The balancing process involves spinning the rotating assembly of the turbo to speeds that the components will see in the field.  By doing this, the smallest imbalance can be rectified.  This provides for the quickest spool and longest service life. VSR balancing is not the same as balancing!!!  Most rebuilt and aftermarket turbos are NOT VSR balanced.  All EVP Stage 6 turbos come with a VSR balance report. 
    • NEW– Now with V-Map Multi Map option!  This allows customers to use the Sport/ECO mode switch to change tunes!  Sport Mode is 110 Octane and Eco Mode is 93 Octane. Comes with a replacement locking switch to prevent accidentally switching from 93 Octane to 110 Octane.
    • NEW– EVP has cast our own compressor for better flow and durability!

    Stage 6 “Sandblaster” features:

    • Absolutely the easiest turbo upgrade you will ever do – installation takes less than 3 hours and there is no need to remove the stock header!
    • (2) direct replacement 3 bar map sensors with plug n play harness
    • 100% Evolution Powersports ECU tuned – no piggybacks or extra injectors
    • New turbocharger CHRA, wastegate actuator and compressor cover, oil supply hose and fittings. THIS IS NOT JUST A COMPRESSOR UPGRADE BUT A WHOLE NEW TURBO
    • Higher volume fuel pump – (17’s include the 18 fuel pump assembly with our higher volume pump installed) with plug n play harness
    • Detailed instructions
    • A Full Exhaust, Silicone Charge Tube, Blow Off Valve and V-Flow Intake are ALL REQUIRED for the EVP Stage 6 Sandblaster Kit!