• XTC Yamaha YXZ 6 Switch Power Control System

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    Plug and Play Easy Install
    Fits 2017-2020 Yamaha YXZ
    1 x 30 AMP, 3 x 20 AMP High Power Relayed
    and 2 x 10 AMP Direct Switch Circuits
    Fuse Block with each Switch on Individual Fuse
    Blown Fuse LED Indicator
    8GA Power Cable 50 AMP Main Circuit Breaker at Battery
    Barrier Strip for Clean Integration
    Bottom Row Lighting when upgraded switches used
    6 Switch System – Rocker Switches Optional
    Made in the USA!

    6 Switch Power Control System for Yamaha YXZ

    XTC Power Products Leads the way in UTV Wiring. Powering multiple accessories has become easier than ever with our Plug and Play PCS (Power Control System) for the Yamaha YXZ. Unlike other switch systems available, the Power Control System’s designed with the installer in mind. Every PCS has a vehicle specific power connector and rocker switch harness that fits the factory pre-cut rocker switch positions.

    Power Delivered

    The PCS includes 1 x 30 amp and 3 x 20 amp high current circuits on relays with Diode protection. The design reduces voltage spikes from field collapse, protecting LED lights and other sensitive accessories. There are also 2 x 10 amp direct wire circuits provided for low power accessories like rock lights or whip lights. Additionally included is a fuse block that protects the circuits and comes with an eight gauge power cable and fuses. Most UTV charging systems produce anywhere from 40-70 amps. Because of this, a 50 amp circuit breaker at the battery safely supplies power to the PCS. Installing a 100+ amp high power switch system is not practical in a UTV.

    The Power Control Systems Barrier Strip

    Pro wiring installers have been using barrier strips in off-road vehicle builds for years. Some good reasons would be aesthetics, along with ease of use when adding new connections and troubleshooting down the road. Each screw point on the barrier strip has a different colored wire that corresponds with the fuse box and switches harness wires. Therefore the 1st rocker switch would be the large 30 amp grey wire, and then so on and so forth.

    Yamaha YXZ Switch System Power Harness Configurations

    Designed for the Yamaha YXZ, the PCS-64-YXZ the switch harness has 6 Rocker Switch Positions in a row that mount in the center dash. Also, the rocker switches can be installed together in any custom way deemed fit by the installer as well. Moreover, a Molex connector links the switch harness to the main Power Control System.

    Modular Power Connection

    The PCS-64-YXZ has a modular power connector at the fuse box that plugs inline with the vehicles ignition power. Consequently, the lower LED (available on custom rocker switches) will only illuminate when the ignition key is turned on. The upper light only comes on when the rocker switch’s pressed. It should be noted that the wiring system will work with or without the vehicle’s ignition power on. XTC Power Products, made in America and Wired For Fun®!


    *The PCS-64-YXZ comes with 6  incandescent lit Carling V-Series Rocker Switches that have an actuator with a red lens. Alternatively, the PCS-64-YXZ-NS does not come with any switches. LED lit custom rocker switches are available separately and can be found on our Rocker Switch page.