• ZRP Can-Am X3 Alternator Kit

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    Zollinger Racing Products (ZRPCan-Am X3 Alternator kit solves low voltage issues.

    This kit was designed to cater to racers needs. But also is an excellent upgrade for those who choose to run multiple electronic components.

    As many of you know, voltage issues are a big deal. Your OEM stator can not keep up with the demand of multiple electrical components (lights, stereos, pumpers, comms, nav, power steering, ignition.

    Industry leading racers are unable to run all of their electronic components during a race due to low voltage limp modes.

    As your stator heats up, along with all of your other electrical components like power steering and ignition, the stator produces less and less power, while those components require more and more power as they heat up.

    Our alternator kit adds an additional 75AMPS at operating speeds and roughly 30amps at idle combined with your factory stator output. Installation is all bolt on* and requires you to swap your existing stater over to our billet stator housing.

    Zollinger Racing Products X3 Alternator kit includes the following.

    • Billet Magneto Cover

    • 75 amps @ 12.6V Alternator

    • Billet mounting brackets

    • Billet Pulleys

    • Billet Belt Cover

    • ARP mounting bolts

    • Gates pulley belt


    All alternators will come with the following pre-installed hardware.

    • Oil seal

    • Shaft

    • Water Pump Gear and Impeller.

    • Cover gasket

    You will need to re-use the following

    • Water pump cover and gasket

    • Oil Pressure Sensor

    • Crank Position Sensor

    • Oil Temp Sensor

    • Cover bolts (we provide the required bolt and spacer)

    • Magneto

    • Oil Filter Cap

    This kit reuses all factory hose mounting hardware.

    This kit has less than 2hp draw.

    This kit is designed for racing purposes. If you are not confident in completing the install please take it to a qualified shop to insure proper installation.

    * Due to Can Am manufacturing tolerances Some frame clearancing may need to be done.