• ZRP Can-Am X3 High Clearance Billet Radius Rod Set (6) 64"/72"

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    Can Am Maverick X3 High Clearance Radius Rods

    • High Clearance / More Ground Clearance
    • Added Strength 
    • Perfect Fit
    • Made for Rugged Terrain 
    • Bolt-on Installation / Install Within A Few Minutes. 

    Set of 6 Heavy Duty High Clearance Radius Rods for the Can-Am Maverick x3.


    We offer 64” and 72”. in high clearance radius rods

    Fitment-2017 + Can-Am Maverick X3 (XDS, XRS, XMR, XRC).

    We designed our billet radius rods to be true high clearance while adding additional strength. These rods are race-proven and designed for racing demands such as Worcs, Ultra4, and Best in the Desert.

    These are made in-house and tested in all our races in the USA!!!



    JMX: Our top-of-the-line Heim. 3-Piece precision Heim with Teflon liner. 18,000lb load strength. For extreme duty use. This is for the guy the wants the best of the best and race-proven great quality.


    Pre-Installed Hardware included.

    • (4) FK uniball bearings w/snaprings
    • (8) FK Heims
    • (16) ZRP Heim misalignments
    • (8) ZRP uniball misalignments w/orings


    Add strength while improving ground clearance. Please get rid of that sloppy X3 rear end by pairing our radius rods with our radius rod plate.

    The Can-Am Maverick X3 high clearance radius rods were designed as a perfect fit for your X3, offering more ground clearance and more strength. This radius rod set bends up from the X3 hub to its frame to give you more ground clearance from the lower rod.

    With them, you can drive over rocks, sticks, and crap when you go off the road. When you dodge stones and sticks, they will not hang on your rear radius arms. Being built with billet aluminum they are stronger than stock radius ro, so they do not break when you drive on rugged terrain.


    High-Quality Heavy Duty Billet Aluminum Radius Rods

    The use of billet aluminum makes the radius rods set stronger than stock radius rods. In addition, they feature solid aluminum bars that are almost impervious to damage. These bars have a high strength-to-weight ratio, so they do not add significant weight to your X3.

    With the high-strength bars, you can take your Maverick X3 on a ride off the road in rocky areas or areas with rugged terrain. You can also choose the black radius rods with a thick steel plating to make them indestructible when you drive off the road.


    What is a radius rod?

    High clearance radius rods are one of the many products available for Can-Am Maverick series. The radius rod attaches to the front of the car and bends up to the X3 frame. This means that rocks, twigs, and other obstacles will not damage your lower radius arms when driving over them.


    The reason that these high clearance radius rods are necessary is that your lower arm can be damaged if you collide with or brush against something like a rock or branch. Some people do grind these out over time but this is much faster and easier than getting rid of them later on.


    Bolt-On Installation Easy Install

    The Can-Am Maverick X 3 radius rods are ready to install. You can install it within a few minutes. The set of six bars are preset to the factory length for a direct bolt of the x3 radius rod.

    Perfect Fit and Finish

    Each ZRP radius rod offers a perfect fit for your UTV. They have a smooth finish that matches the beauty of your UTV. The black or aluminum finish also makes the bar easy to handle during installation.

    The finish is strong, so the rods can withstand scratches when you drive off the road. Your UTV's rear is most probably black so that the black finish will fit in like the stick rods. If you choose the aluminum radius rods, they will also look like the stock X3 radius rods.



    We offer 64 and 72-inch radius rods/rear arms. These rods fit all Can-Am Maverick X3 models 2017 or later. They are ideal for model XDS, XRS, XRC, and XMR.

    The high clearance rods have enough strength to handle 15,000 pounds, making them ideal for high-demand races such as Best in the Desert, Worcs, and Ultra4. You can also take them for a race in a rocky upcountry, and they will withstand the rugged environment there.


    FK Rod Ends

    Our billet radius set doesn't use bushings. Instead, it has FK Rod Ends, which makes it more flexible. Unlike bushings, which only allow horizontal movement, the FK Rod Ends allow both lateral and horizontal movements.

    This is ideal for serious street and off-road UTVs. In addition, the flexibility protects the suspension system of your UTV.

    FK Rod Ends are more durable than bushings. So you may only need to replace them after a bad crash or if you notice the ball is loose in the rod end housing. For even more flexibility, our radius rods have FK uni-ball bearings w/snaprings and FK heims. Further, our ZRP Heim misalignments and ZRP uniball misalignments w/O-rings ensure the rods are always in the right shape for optimal performance off the road.

    Set of Six X3 High Clearance Radius Rods

    Our radius rods come as a set of six pieces for maximum strength, and it also makes them easier to install. We recommend using them together with our Radius Rod Plate and ZRP's Dog Bones to create the best rear-end setup.

    The same set of six offers great fitment for all two-door and four-door UTV. Whether you pick the black anodize or raw finish billet aluminum radius rods, the six rods fit together for a perfect ride off the road. In addition, using these six rods will make your ride smooth as you will not feel the effect of rocks and rough terrain on your UTV.