• ZRP X3 Trailing Arm Brace

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    Can Am X3 Trailing Arm Brace 

    Does not fit 2021+ Smart Shocks models

    Trailing Arm Brace for all Can-Am X3 72” models.

    This trailing arm brace will beef up your factory trailing arm mounts and is a great way to get some additional strength in case you hit a big bump. Easy to install, this brace attaches to your factory sway bar mount and to the trailing arm mounting tabs with the provided M12 bolts and nuts.

    Save your Can-Am Frame Tabs 

    • Bolt On
    • Adds Strength 
    • Upgrade your trailing arm without replacing it. 

    Adds additional strength to the very thin mounting tabs on factory trailing arm mounts, as well as a chassis brace that connects to the sway bar mounts to trailing arm mounting tabs.

    Simple bolt on reinforcement, mounts to factory sway bar mount, and trailing arm with provided M12 bolt, and nut.

    While unlikely, this product may require additional shims or spacers to fit properly on stock trailing arms or used vehicles. 

    Note: Take care to make sure brake lines are free from interference with the addition of this brace.