EVP Gboost BAD ASS belts:

BADASS “EX” – compound belts – Superior to OEM compounds with quality, higher tensile strength cord construction, and DUMAX™ top cog compound to retain cord rigidity and better adhesion of top cog to cord construction.  This is the belt that has been extremely durable on properly clutched X3’s and XP Turbo’s.  Great all around belt for any type of riding. This belt will generally run 200 RPM lower than the OEM belt.  EVP has specific clutching recommendations to get the most out of this belt.

Coming June/July 2019 for the Can Am X3 – BADASS “B” SANDSTORM compound belts – Next Generation compounds tied in with Aramid fibers allows you to push your SXS to its limits. Stands up to higher temperatures as well as runs cooler than any other belt on the market.  Specifically designed for the sand dune/desert market.  Best quality belt available today.  This belt will generally run the same RPM as the OEM belt.

Coming May 2019 BADASS “WORLDS BEST BELT” (WBB) – Absolutely the most cutting edge belt compound available.  More details coming soon!

Replaces OEM PN’s 422280651 / 422280652 for the X3/Defender/Sport modes
Replaces OEM PN’s 715900212 / 715000302 / 422280364 for the OG Maverick, Commander, Outlander & Renegade models