If you are one of the more extreme riders out there, that push things to the limits and are the first to find the known failure points then you have likely experienced tie rod failure on your Can-Am X3. Or perhaps you are just the type that prefers to upgrade it before it breaks. Regardless of which category you fall into we have exactly what you need.

    Tie rods are machined from the exact same Billet aircraft grade hex aluminum as our radius rods, so you know for a fact they will take a beating. Our tie rods are machined to accept the factory steering rack end so nothing additional is needed to install.

    Rods feature our signature ceramic based hard coat anodize for increased wear resistance, as well as the absolute best heim joints on the market the FK JMX rod ends. In steering components especially we only use the best of the best and do not give options of the KMX heims as we do with other components.

    NOTE: Pictures currently only show KMX heims. However those will be updated and you will receive JMX heims ONLY.


    Our tie rods also feature a long spacer on the upper side which shifts the tie rod geometry further down than stock helping reduce an issue known as bump steer. Bump steer is essentially oscillation of the steering components as the suspension components cycle up and down. as the suspension compresses and extends, when the steering geometry is not in line with the suspension geometry this will cause the vehicle to unexpectedly change the toe degrees. This in turn causes extra negative feedback in the steering wheel and will drastically increase resistance in drive ability as well as increased wear on other components.

    We call this a bump steer reduction as that is more closely what it is. Since we must operate within the mounting points of the factory knuckle, there is only so much adjustment that can be made. However, this kit will almost completely rid your vehicle of bump steer.