• Base Camp - Digital M1 Mobile Radio with Fiberglass Antenna Base Kit


    This ultimate basecamp kit brings the power of digital radio technology and the performance of a fiberglass antenna to achieve huge communication distances.

    Whether you're duning with your family in Glamis, riding deep into the trails for a weekend of fun, or working the pits in Baja, this kit will keep you in contact.

    Designed to work with a flag pole, the included fiberglass antenna will get you an estimated 20% more range out of your mobile radio.

    Radio Features:

    • Waterproof, IP67 sealed housing
    • Superior digital audio clarity
    • Digital / Analog VHF band mobile transceiver
    • Powerful Mitsubishi Transmit (TX) amplifier
    • Clear-Hear Superheterodyne receiver
    • Programmable, Quick-Access controls
    • RFI reflective aluminum chassis
    • Large, Easy to read LED Display
    • Easy access remote Accessory Hub
    • Upgradeable firmware
    • 55 Watts

    Fiberglass Antenna:

    • High performance
    • 200 watt power rating
    • Low SWR and broader band
    • Provides about 20% more coverage over standard whip antennas

    Kit Includes:

    • Powerful M1 digital mobile radio
    • Fiberglass Antenna
    • 35' of heavy duty coax cable
    • Works best with optional Telescoping Flagpole