• Womens---Dixxon/SxS Addicts “The Trixie” flannel


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    It’s Finally Happened!!!

    The 1st Ever SxS Addicts Dixxon flannel. 

    We started building this badass New Polaris Pro R for Dixxon flannel Co. Next thing we knew they had created this amazing color way that matched the car perfectly and stamped our name on it!!! So freakin rad. 

    We used the fabric all over the car inside and out to give it that extra flair. 

    The flannel!

    classy, stylish, smooth. 

    Teal, greys, black all bring it together. 

    This colorway has never been created and none are similar.

    Snap buttons, sunglass cleaning fabric under front edge and great true to size fit!

    The Trixie, is a bad girl she’s “Fast As F..ck “ and not to be messed with

    grab yourself a flannel and we’ll see ya in the sand dunes!!!