• Shock Therapy Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R Ultimate Tie Rod Kit

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    Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R Ultimate Tie Rod Kit 

    The Shock Therapy Ultimate Tie Rod Kit is now available for Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R models. Not only are our tie rods stronger than factory, but they also come with our patented BSD (bump steer delete) Pin Kit, which eliminates the factory ball joint and tapered pin. Designed to correct steering geometry, our kit effectively eliminates bump steer while greatly increasing strength.

    Factory Pro R and Turbo R tie rods use an arched design and a tapered ball and socket style inner joint to connect to the steering rack in order to maintain clearance at full droop. However, this creates a weak point in the system at the narrow part of the factory joint. Our Ultimate Tie Rod Kit corrects this through the use of a patent pending, self-clocking, clevis and 5/8” rod end at the inner joint, resulting in a connection that is 4X stronger! In addition to the strength benefits, this clevis to rod end connection, (pictured below) allows us to run a straight tie rod, giving you the ability to make toe adjustments without disconnecting the tie rods from the spindle AND still maintaining proper geometry, strength, and clearance at full droop. Other tie rods on the market focus mainly on strength, forget about proper geometry, and can actually create more bump steer.  

    Factory tie rods also utilize a ball joint with a tapered pin at the spindle. This factory tapered pin design means that the installed height of the ball joint can vary from car to car causing different amounts of bump steer and steering wheel feedback. The outer joint in our kit has a custom made rod end with a huge 3/4” uniball (pictured with BSD pin below) for massive strength and longevity. Also included in our kit is our patented BSD pin kit that is height-adjustable (using the included BSD spacers), made from heat treated high carbon steel. The design improvements in our pin kit give you 10X the strength of a factory tapered pin and maximize height adjustability so you can eliminate bump steer. Our tie rod and pin kit is the only one on the market that makes zero bump steer and minimal steering feedback possible!